Unit submissions and planned submissions by NYIP Student Bruce Warner for assignments by Unit

Bruce Warner


Animal Photograph

Photograph an animal–a pet, a wild animal, a squirrel in the park, a gnu in the zoo. Try to capture its expression in a way that shows something of its personality. Remember to focus sharply, and aim for an exposure that reproduces all the important highlights and shadows.



ISO 200

50mm fixed lens

Canon EOS Rebel T4i. Bandit is my daughter's rescue dog. She loves to play with the kids, enjoy companionship, and trying to get to the dog next door. The jump here was one of the most common things you'll see of her outdoors. I chose this particular frame because (in spite of not seeing her face) it is totally her.

Only affiliation with the New York Institute of Photography is that I am a student in the Complete Course in Professional Photography. I highly recommend the institute for your photographic training if you are interesting in taking professional quality photographs, can't get to a regular classroom, and/or want to enroll in the only distance learning school in the top 5 rated photography schools in the USA.