Unit submissions and planned submissions by NYIP Student Bruce Warner for assignments by Unit

Bruce Warner


Building Exterior

Photograph the exterior of a building so that it is clear, sharp, and distortion free. The

walls should all be straight. Try to wait for natural lighting that you think best shows the character and

texture of the building.





ISO 400




Manassas Battlefield, Manassas, VA, USA.

Henry House is one of five original buildings at Manassas Battlefield. I found the irregularity of the roof and the offsets at the point of the addition (actually done during the Civil War) to add interest. I circled the house and took sample shots from all four sides to determine which gave the best interest and detail. Surprisingly, the front appeared to display the structure and weathering best. It took over 45 minutes to get the shot without people huddling in front of the building. The one person in the shadows of the doorway almost fades away. While it may not be with you were looking for, I find it an amazing representation of America 160 years ago.


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