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Bruce Warner


Portrait 2

Studio Portraiture




On page 20 of Studio Portraiture you are shown how to take professional indoor portraits using a single umbrella light. On page 23 you are shown how to use a two-light setup. We want you to take a head-and-shoulders portrait using at least one light. If you use just one light, use a reflector board as your fill, as described on page 24.

I've been shooting with multiple lights for years, so this was a real challenge. I couldn't get my granddaughter (the model) over, so I recruited my wife. 42: umbrella, flash at 1/1, averaged light to f/8 at sync speed for camera of 1/250. The wife was NOT in a smiling mood. But it is definitely her.

Only affiliation with the New York Institute of Photography is that I am a student in the Complete Course in Professional Photography. I highly recommend the institute for your photographic training if you are interesting in taking professional quality photographs, can't get to a regular classroom, and/or want to enroll in the only distance learning school in the top 5 rated photography schools in the USA.