Unit submissions and planned submissions by NYIP Student Bruce Warner for assignments by Unit

Bruce Warner


Photograph 4 - Fashion



Not everyone wants to be a fashion photographer, but we all can learn from these most highly paid of pros. Select a fashion picture from a magazine or the internet, and then try to re-create it as closely as possible. The picture you select should be one you find appealing, and should be simple enough with respect to garment, location, and props for you to reproduce its mood without major expense to you.


Naturally, we don't expect you to reproduce the exact garment–just use something that is similar in general appearance. And if a model is involved, we don't expect you to duplicate the face and form of the $1,000- an-hour model in the ad. Rather, use this assignment as an opportunity to see how well your expert direction can turn your sister or brother, spouse or girl-next-door into a fashion model. Have fun with this assignment. Use your imagination and ingenuity.


Upload a scan or photo of the original magazine picture, or online ad along with your photograph.





ISO 100

50mm fixed

At age 15, Kate is a professional model (and my granddaughter). She is also a dancer and an honor student. I couldn't wait to have the chance to submit a picture of her (and there is one coming for advertising as well). The hair style is the same as was in the ad, and was intended to obscure all but the dress. Using the f/2.0 aperture was intended to reduce the depth of field (also done in the original photo).


With the exception of the original model being blonde and the dress being more blue, this is pretty much an exact replica of the subject materials.

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