Unit submissions and planned submissions by NYIP Student Bruce Warner for assignments by Unit

Bruce Warner


Your Opinion Please

I'm trying to decide which picture best represents macro photography here. I'd like anyone's opinion, ESPECIALLY anyone on staff at NYIP. This is part of the Unit 5 photo assignment. Just comment on the NYIP Facebook page or email be at bruce@bruce-warner.com. If you want to look at the image in the full resolution, just click on the image, go get a cup of coffee, bring it back, and the image should have downloaded by then. Remember the three guidelines. First, know your subject. Second, draw attention to your subject. And third, SIMPLIFY!

Photo 1


This is the image I finally decided on. The determination was made on the fact that the subject should fill the frame and represent actual macro photography, which is  size of the item fills the frame at a 1x1 ratio. According to my mesaurements, this width of the same as my digitizer's width.


The center of the floral universe.

Final Choice

Photo 2


Tentacle ends (1).

Photo 3


Ant in the middle.

Photo 4


Moving ant.

Photo 5


Two ants meeting.

Photo 6


Ant face-off.

Photo 7


Ant crossing.

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