Unit submissions and planned submissions by NYIP Student Bruce Warner for assignments by Unit

Bruce Warner


Photograph 5 - Macro

Make a closeup or macro picture of a flower, insect, or any other tiny object. Fill the frame with your subject...and be sure to focus precisely!


8:46 AM

Cloudy Bright

1/50 second


ISO 800

Using a Macro Extension Tube, the camera reports f/0 The ability to estimate the actual is difficult in that it was shot with a Canon stock 18-55 lens and a 14mm Macro Extension Tube. With such a tight image, I used a tripod. The actual flower is less than one inch across for this particular variety. I focused closely on the downward spirals of the flower and found the depth of field to be less than 1/8 of an inch. This was extremely intriguing and lots of fun. Of the different things I photographed, this is the one I liked the best.

Only affiliation with the New York Institute of Photography is that I am a student in the Complete Course in Professional Photography. I highly recommend the institute for your photographic training if you are interesting in taking professional quality photographs, can't get to a regular classroom, and/or want to enroll in the only distance learning school in the top 5 rated photography schools in the USA.