Unit submissions and planned submissions by NYIP Student Bruce Warner for assignments by Unit

Bruce Warner


Challenge 3 - Shadow a Pro

There should be an NYIP article soon. All about my Saturday (June 15, 2013). If you find the link, you'll see what I was up to (it's not that hard to find). It was an amazing day. I just with I could do it more often. This weekend, I might take a picture of my wife for our 40th anniversary, but other than that, it's her weekend.


Here's the challenge. I asked a model photographer if I could come along some time to see how he worked, and he (surprisingly to me) said yes without hesitation. I intended to all of my photographs just documenting the experience, but after a very brief period of time, I was asked to take pictures of the models because what I was shooting was way ahead of shadowing. I spent the next 4 hours thoroughly enjoying every minute.


Enjoy the pictures and I'll come up with another challenge.

Only affiliation with the New York Institute of Photography is that I am a student in the Complete Course in Professional Photography. I highly recommend the institute for your photographic training if you are interesting in taking professional quality photographs, can't get to a regular classroom, and/or want to enroll in the only distance learning school in the top 5 rated photography schools in the USA.