Unit submissions and planned submissions by NYIP Student Bruce Warner for assignments by Unit

Bruce Warner

Shoot a sports photograph that would be appropriate for a newspaper or magazine. Consider Little League or local school games. Don't forget what you learned in Unit One about expressing motion. Use the technique that you think will work best–a fast shutter speed or panning. (But in this case avoid using a slow shutter speed without panning because most publications are reluctant to publish news photographs that show blurring of the main subject.) Submit a caption along with the photograph, using format described for Photograph #2.

I've been going through some health issues, and haven't been able to get to a sporting event. Consequently, I decided to no longer delay the submission. I'll take some shots as soon as my back and hip are back to human levels and place them here.


Just remember, getting old ain't for sissies!


Only affiliation with the New York Institute of Photography is that I am a student in the Complete Course in Professional Photography. I highly recommend the institute for your photographic training if you are interesting in taking professional quality photographs, can't get to a regular classroom, and/or want to enroll in the only distance learning school in the top 5 rated photography schools in the USA.