Unit submissions and planned submissions by NYIP Student Bruce Warner for assignments by Unit

Bruce Warner


Unit 6

You’ve come to the last assignment in your basic NYI Course. By now you should have developed your skills to the point that you are producing technically perfect photographs nearly every time.


Every picture should have a clearly identifiable subject. You should be drawing the viewer’s attention to the subject by using one of the “Emphasis” techniques you learned in Developing Your Eye. You should be simplifying every picture to eliminate distractions.


Every picture should be razor sharp. You should be focusing precisely and when necessary, using a fast shutter speed or a tripod to avoid camera shake.


Every picture should be exposed properly. All the important highlights and shadows should be reproduced in your images.


Every picture should be properly lit. You should be selecting the best type of lighting for your subject, and you should be opening up the shadows when necessary with either a fill light or a reflector board.



Building Exterior

Home Interior

Building at Twilight


Final Portrait


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